40% of students will not have to pay tuition at CUK
CUK declares a winter vacation beginning on December 18

On Tuesday, August 29 in Srinagar, the 10th meeting of the Planning and Monitoring Board (PMB) of the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) was conducted at the SKICC. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor A Ravinder Nath, presided over the meeting.

The following individuals were present at the meeting: the Vice-Chancellor of IUST, Professor Shakeel A. Romsho; the Vice-Chancellor of Nalanda University, Professor Sunaina Singh; the Vice-Chancellor of Cluster University Srinagar, Professor Qayyum Hussain; the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jammu, Professor Umesh Rai; the Former Director of Academic Audit at Osmania University, Professor C. Vishnuvardhan; Professor Shake


Prof. A. Ravinder Nath, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, presented a thorough overview regarding the running of the University and claimed that the university is making steady progress on the academics, research, and other related fronts. This was the very first meeting that the Vice-Chancellor had presided over. Prof. A. Ravinder Nath gave a presentation on the university’s plans for the future and said that the administration is planning on implementing a number of new policies and procedures in order to better encourage and foster academic growth within the varsity. He said that the university would be establishing a Bureau of Academic Affairs in order to offer a comprehensive framework for the creation of the curriculum, focusing notably on the scheme of teaching, examination, and assessment, as well as to maintain parity between the standards of higher education across the world. He said that the university will be creating a School of Honours and Finishing Studies in order to cultivate a talent pool and provide students who want to work in certain fields with the necessary marketable abilities. Additionally, the university is in the process of establishing a Bureau of Research Affairs. This bureau will serve two purposes: first, it will give directions and strategies for the development of competitive research; second, it will enhance the Departmental Research Committees in order to promote result-oriented frameworks that support the sustainability of the research base.

Prof. R. Ravinder Nath stated that the university is in the process of establishing a Bureau of Human Resources in order to consolidate and coordinate the activities of the various functionaries of the university, to develop a policy framework for identifying and attracting the talent pool of work force, to create the various positions based on need assessment, and to provide the necessary training in order to build the competence in generic and specific skills.

The members were also informed about the recognition of Teacher Education courses by NCTE, as well as its approval for ITEP (BA-B.Ed) four-year course beginning in the session 2023-2024, the establishment of Centre for Information Technology (CIT), the modification of the Official Logo of the University, and setting the target of 100 Days for Launching Academic and Administrative Reforms.

The attendees suggested that the institution should concentrate on academics and the development of infrastructure, and should also investigate public-private partnerships for housing. The Board has expressed their contentment with the plans which seek to produce internal resources via the establishment of centres of excellence, collaborative approaches, the beginning of short-term courses, the establishment of social media or other centres which the university has already begun. Additionally, it was recommended that research be financially rewarded, and performance should also be assessed and held responsible.

The Board of Governors praised the outstanding efforts of Vice-Chancellor Prof. A Ravinder Nath and made a note of the newfound vitality that the Vice-Chancellor has brought to the institution during his brief term to date. Prof. S Zahoor Ahmad Geelani, who is in charge of planning and development, took charge of the issues on the agenda for the meeting. The Registrar, Professor M. Afzal Zargar, offered the motion to thank those present.



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