A 15-year-old girl from J&K was
A 15-year-old girl from J&K was "abducted" by two Kashmiri teenagers who were detained in Nagpur

On Saturday, two criminals who had been fleeing their capture for a significant amount of time in order to avoid judicial processes were taken into custody in Ramban.

According to the police, the two fugitives, Kewal Chand of Ladwal, Batote, and Ramesh Chand of Kanthi, Gandoth, Ramban, were sought in two different cases lodged under the relevant provisions of the Excise Act at Police Station Batote in 2017-2018. Both of these cases were registered at Police Station Batote.


It was said that both of the accused had been fleeing arrest for a significant amount of time with the intention of avoiding judicial procedures. The police said that JMIC Batote had issued their arrest warrants, adding that both parties will now be presented in front of the court.



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