The Vice Chancellor's Sports Festival got underway at SKUAST-K's Faculty of Forestry.
The Vice Chancellor's Sports Festival got underway at SKUAST-K's Faculty of Forestry.

Srinagar, Oct. 12: The week-long Vice Chancellor’s Sports Festival got off with a lively opening ceremony at the Faculty of Forestry, Benehama, SKUAST-K.

The prestigious chief guest, Prof. M.A.A. Siddiqui, the director of education and dean of student welfare at SKUAST-K, officially opened the spectacular event, which promises a week packed with sporting fervour. In his inauguration presentation, Prof. Siddiqui discussed the crucial role that sports play in people’s daily wellbeing. He emphasised the value of sports for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and their relevance in influencing kids’ overall development.


Prof. Siddiqui used his talk as a chance to discuss with the students the several initiatives the institution has implemented to encourage participation in sports among its student population. He pledged the university’s unflinching support for future planning of such events. Prof. S.A. Gangoo, the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, attended the event as well and gave the Chief Guest and other guests a warm welcome. Dr. Gangoo emphasised the crucial role that sports activities play in encouraging kids to live healthy lifestyles.

Diverse groups were up in force and excited for the occasion. Dr. Tahir Mushtaq, an assistant professor and the student welfare officer at the Faculty of Forestry, gave a thorough rundown of the many sporting events planned for the festival’s week-long run. He took an opportunity to thank Professor N.A. Ganai, the honourable vice chancellor of SKUAST-K, and Professor M.A.A. Siddiqui, the dean of student welfare, for their continuous support and encouragement in advancing different student-related initiatives within the faculty.

In order to accommodate the participants’ wide range of interests, the festival offers a fascinating selection of sports. All participants will have a healthy experience thanks to the students’ and sports enthusiasts’ participation in activities like mountain running, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, chess, and badminton during the week. The activities are chosen to establish an atmosphere of healthy rivalry and friendship among the players while also encouraging teamwork, physical fitness, and mental agility. A distinguished group, including the heads of the faculty’s divisions, including Prof. P.A. Khan, head of the faculty’s FBT division, Prof. P.A. Sofi, head of the faculty’s FPU division, Prof. G.M. Bhat, head of the faculty’s SAF division, Prof. Akhlaq Amin Wani, head of the faculty’s NRM division, Dr. Khursheed Ahmad, head of the faculty’s WLS division, Dr. The obvious enthusiasm and willingness to participate in these athletic activities were mirrored in the air. As the festival picks up steam, it is anticipated that it will not only highlight the athletes’ physical abilities but also foster a sense of discipline, sportsmanship, and respect among all those engaged. The Vice Chancellor’s Sports Festival is evidence of SKUAST-K’s dedication to fostering its students’ all-around growth. The institution provides an atmosphere where students may flourish not just academically but also athletically by giving sports enthusiasts a platform to demonstrate their abilities and desires. Such programmes significantly contribute to the development of well-rounded people who are not only academically strong but also physically and emotionally resilient.

JK youth’s demographic dividend is being squandered.

Srinagar, 12 October: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday accused the bureaucratic government in power of squandering the demographic dividend of educated and competent young people by failing to address the growing unemployment issue in J&K.

Tanvir Sadiq, the party’s chief spokesperson, made this statement while speaking with a youth delegation at the Nawa-e-Subha headquarters in Srinagar. Young adults from various regions of Kashmir Division who were educated and talented made up the visiting delegation. The visiting youngsters informed the spokeswoman of a number of important concerns they were dealing with, most notably unemployment.

Tanvir added that the party leadership was aware of the plight of the youth in J&K when speaking with the delegation. “Our educated and skilled youth are facing a job crisis that is more serious than it seems,” Sadiq remarked, adding that the extent of J&K’s youth’s suffering is incalculable. This is due to years of futile efforts to get government jobs.

He said that the existing J&K government has failed to adequately reinvest in the job-creating industries in Jammu and Kashmir, such as tourism, horticulture, agriculture, handicrafts, and MSMEs, which is the cause of the state’s shocking unemployment rate. He said that problems faced by these industries had gone unaddressed.

Poor hiring practices at JKPSC and JKSSB have rendered the situation even more hopeless. Our educated and competent young bulge, who are essential to J&K’s future development trajectories, are the focus of energy, yet the current bureaucratic architecture in J&K has failed to recognise them. Even with regard to self-employment, the current government has failed to provide opportunities for young people who wish to launch their own businesses. Numerous other schemes, such as “Mission Youth,” have failed in J&K. The Government of India’s (GOI) August 2019 policy towards Jammu and Kashmir, subsequent COVID-induced lockdowns, and a lack of COVID support and revival package have further exacerbated the problem that had been sown by the rushed and foolish implementation of the GST and demonetisation in Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

Tanvir echoed the thoughts of the visiting youth group when he stated that the party leaders and Members of Parliament are making every effort to bring up the important problems facing our youth on every platform that is acceptable. He said that party officials are using the media and social media to their fullest potential in order to highlight various problems that our youth face.



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