A 450-year-old structure was destroyed by recent floods in Leh
Nadia Farooq

In the past 9 hours of Sunday, 14.5 millimetres of rain fell in Leh

Leh, 10 July: Due to persistent rain on Sunday evening, a 450-year-old structure in the Kharyouk neighbourhood of Leh city, Ladakh, fell.

The age of this structure is estimated at 450 years. Local resident Haider informed ANI that the structure had fallen owing to the recent heavy rains.


He also said that several older homes in the neighbourhood had been damaged by the recent rainfall.

According to IMD, Leh received 14.5 mm of precipitation during the course of the previous 9 hours on Sunday.

The older structures were damaged since the rain lasted longer than usual this time. “Water began to seep into the rooms,” Haider said.

As for the damage, he stated, “But the damage was not so much.” This was in reference to a cloud burst in 2010. This time, though, the historic structures were severely damaged.

On Sunday, the Metrological Centre Ladakh predicted that the extensive rains and snow will persist over the region’s highest elevations.

For the next 24 hours, IMD has issued a red warning for Ladakh. Extreme summer snowfall. Ladakh is forecasted to get rain and maybe snow (in the higher elevations) throughout the next twenty-four hours. Be on the Lookout, it tweeted on Sunday.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Jammu and Srinagar National Highway remained blocked after heavy rain in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir caused a section of road to collapse in the Ramban area.

A local who was making his way to the location, Mohammed Jahangir, stated that the roads were being swept away in the rain and that the authorities had not made proper preparations for the tourists.

There are many challenges we must overcome. Lots of walking is involved. There was a road washout recently. We hiked for perhaps two to three km after leaving Makarkot. We were getting close to Ramban when another road washed away. The general public is not accommodated in any way. He advocated that the government either prevent individuals from entering the Ramban section or provide the necessary accommodations for them to continue.



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