Srinagar Airport receives the first group of Hajj pilgrims.

The second group of 640 Hajj pilgrims, comprising 485 men and 155 women, departed Srinagar on Thursday and made their way to Jeddah.

On Wednesday, 630 Hajj pilgrims were officially sent off by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.


Today, two planeloads of Hajj devotees set out on their journey. There were 320 Hajj visitors on each plane.

The first flight to Jeddah carried 252 men and 68 women, while the second flight carried 233 men and 87 women.

This year, around 12,079 J&K pilgrims and 452 Ladakhi pilgrims are expected to do Hajj.

Emotional moments, similar to yesterday’s, in which Hajj travellers wept tears of pleasure and delight, continued to play out at the Hajj House.

Special preparations have been established for Hajj pilgrims to transport their Ahram in their hand baggage rather of their checked luggage this year.

“Special accommodations have also been arranged at Srinagar International Airport for the pilgrims. Director of Srinagar International Airport Kuldeep Singh Rishi stated, “We have provided separate areas where pilgrims can wear their Ahram, and we have designated areas for them to travel from the departure entry gate to the aircraft.”



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