A woman's suicide attempt in Sopore was prevented by police
A woman's suicide attempt in Sopore was prevented by police

Srinagar, June 18: A young boy suffocated in a flood channel in the Hamdaniya Colony neighbourhood of Bemina in Srinagar on Sunday afternoon, while relief workers were trying to find him.

A news service called Kashmir News Observer  quoted an official as saying that the boy drowned while playing football with his friends. Soon after, people who were there made a lot of noise about it.


He said that after what happened, a relief mission was started to get the boy out of the flood path.

The source said that the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and the cops are also at the scene to help with the rescue.

“The search for the boy is still going on, but he hasn’t been found yet,” he said.

Locals, on the other hand, said that the SDRF team got there late, which slowed down the relief effort.

“The SDRF team got to the scene of the accident about two hours after it happened. They said that the SDRF team had taken too long to start the rescue effort.

But a representative of the SDRF rejected the claims and said that they had arrived at the scene in time and that a rescue operation was in progress.

“We also have divers working on the search and rescue,” he said.



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