Teen found hanged in Masjid lavatory in Srinagar; family suspects murder
Teen found hanged in Masjid lavatory in Srinagar; family suspects murder

By Masooma Raza

In a world where humanity once thrived, where compassion and love were the cornerstones of our existence, a shadow has fallen. The unthinkable has become a chilling reality as people turn against their own flesh and blood, their own families.


What then, can we make of a world where humans, blessed with emotions and a rich tapestry of relationships, engage in unspeakable acts of violence against their own families?

We must question the very essence of our nature. How have we, as a species, strayed so far from the principles of empathy and compassion that once defined us?

A heart-wrenching incident that unfolded, a wife unleashed a wave of unimaginable violence upon her own husband in the serene Rawathpora area of Baghat in Srinagar. The tragic tale tells of Abdul Rashid Dar, a son of Abdul Kareem Dar, whose life was cut short at the hands of his very own spouse.

The anguish and sorrow that now permeate the air serve as a haunting reminder of the fragility and darkness that can overshadow even the most sacred bonds of matrimony.

The relentless drive for individualism and self-interest in today’s society has significantly impacted the connections within families and communities. As individuals prioritize their personal ambitions and seek instant gratification, they gradually detach themselves from the well-being of their loved ones. This self-centered approach blinds them to the needs and emotions of their own family members, resulting in devastating outcomes.

The erosion of traditional moral education  has resulted in the detachment of ethics from actions within society. As empathy, respect, and compassion fade into insignificance, individuals become disconnected from the core essence of what it means to be human. Without proper moral guidance, the once-reliable moral compass that guided individuals towards fostering harmonious relationships and embracing empathy has been discarded.

The distressing occurrence of family members murdering one another serves as a stark reminder of humanity’s decline. Initiating the quest to regain our collective humanity is essential. It is only through united endeavors that we can revive the compassion and empathy that have long been the defining characteristics of our species.



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