Mohammad Amir discusses his choice to play in the Indian Premier League while maintaining his British citizenship
Nadia Farooq

Mohammad Amir, a former Pakistani sprinter, is on the brink of receiving a British passport as a result of his marriage to Narjis Khan, a legal professional who is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

After making the move to the United Kingdom in 2020, Amir will soon be eligible to apply for a British passport, which would pave the way for him to possibly play for England in international cricket matches.


Amir revealed insight into his future chances in international cricket during a recent interview with ARY News. Among them was the fascinating possibility of competing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with his prospective British passport.

Amir was quite explicit about his position, declaring unequivocally that he had absolutely no intention of ever wearing the England shirt. Since he has previously competed for Pakistan in international cricket competition, he feels a strong sense of loyalty to the country.

When asked about the Indian Premier League, the southpaw responded with caution by stating that it is necessary to take things one step at a time. Amir maintains that it is too soon to think of his playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is scheduled to begin in the year 2024, despite the fact that he is aware of the fluid nature of the future.

The left-handed fast bowler spoke further and emphasised that his selection about cricketing chances would be reliant upon the best available prospects at the time of his passport acquisition. This was because his decision would be determined by the finest available prospects.

Should Amir be able to get his British passport within the next year and then sign up for the IPL auction, he will join a limited club of Pakistani players who have had the opportunity to compete in the financially lucrative league. If this occurs, he will become a member of the group.



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