A BSF jawan is slightly hurt during an unjustified fire incident by Pakistan Rangers in J&K's Arnia
A BSF jawan is slightly hurt during an unjustified fire incident by Pakistan Rangers in J&K's Arnia

Arnia, Oct. 27: Pakistan Rangers fired without warning, injuring a Border Security Force (BSF) member who was in the Arnia sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The Border Guard released a statement on the incident.

The BSF claims that on Thursday and Friday night, the Pakistan Rangers opened fire without warning in the Arnia region, and BSF forces appropriately retaliated.


“Pak Rangers resorted to mortar shelling, which was countered by BSF with an appropriate response. The BSF, whose job it is to protect the 3,323-km India-Pakistan border, reported that intermittent shooting went on until three in the morning.

“One BSF personnel sustained minor injuries in Pak firing and has been provided with medical aid,” according to the BSF.

In the meantime, unprovoked shooting by Pakistan Rangers on BSF personnel caused panic in Arnia and other parts of the RS Pura sector of Jammu and Kashmir near the international boundary between India and Pakistan.

Overnight, Pakistan fired a great deal. Homes were damaged, but no one was hurt. It has been nearly six years since Pakistani shootings of this kind have been seen. Dev Raj Chowdhary, Sarpanch of the border hamlet Bulleh Chak in Sai Kalan, Arnia of the RS Pura sector in Jammu, claimed, “Our security forces retaliated to the firing.”

In the border community of Bulleh Chak, locals also discovered lethal shells.

“After fire from Pakistan throughout the night, we have discovered three mortar rounds so far. The event has not resulted in any injuries to anybody,” a local said.

The terrified villagers remained inside, terrified by the gunfire. Our home was damaged yesterday night at around 8 p.m. by a huge mortar shell. There’s damage to the kitchen. We were rescued by God’s goodness. The windows’ glass is cracked, “explained Arnia resident Ekta.



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