Concern about the
Concern about the "prevailing situation" in J&K is expressed by Muzaffar Shah

New Delhi, Dec. 24 (KNS): Senior Vice President of the Awami National Conference, Muzaffar Shah, has expressed worry over the current state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir, pointing out that despite the territory being under total central administration for more than five years, there has been no progress in stopping cross-border terrorism.

Shah mentioned recent upsetting incidents, such as the security forces ambush in Rajouri and the terrible death of a police officer today while praying inside a mosque in Baramulla, in a statement sent to KNS.


His expression of extreme sadness was prompted by the erroneous arrests of innocent residents in Poonch, which resulted in the horrific deaths of three villagers.

It is obvious that these are custodial executions based on the government’s efforts to compensate the relatives of the slain citizens and provide them with jobs. However, it is imperative to recognize that just providing compensation is insufficient to offset the incalculable loss experienced by the bereaved families,” he said.

According to Shah, the Awami National Conference is calling for the quick issuance of a court martial order for the responsible authorities and the swift start of an extensive judicial investigation into these deaths in order to rebuild public confidence in the legal system.

“Failure to pursue a thorough investigation and imperative court martial risks establishing a dangerous precedent where custodial civilian deaths will be disregarded with a token of meager ex-gratia measures,” he said.

Shah asked the present government to reconsider its prior assertions and ask for pardon for deceiving the people, casting doubt on the efficacy of Article 370 abrogation in the fight against terrorism.

“The territory still experiences violence and worsening circumstances, even with the promises of a ‘Naya J&K’ after the repeal of Article 370. Those who were boasting that everything was OK after August 5, 2019 have the responsibility for this dreadful predicament. Everyone can now see these facts on the ground,” he said.

Shah added that J&K is experiencing extreme turmoil that is having an impact on both security personnel and civilians. This indicates that the current government has not only failed to implement any viable tactics but has also completely failed to understand the reality on the ground in the J&K area.

“J&K’s people are urged by the leadership of the Awami National Conference to actively demand the state’s restoration and the holding of early elections in which native government is reinstated. Furthermore, we’re still dedicated to pursuing Article 370 with tenacity and hope to quickly restore the pre-August 5, 2019 position,” he said.



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