Fortis' mission is to give Kashmir's athletes with
Fortis' mission is to give Kashmir's athletes with "world-class medical care"

Srinagar, September 8: Fortis Health Care Limited plans to provide athletes first-rate treatment for injuries.

At a news conference held in Srinagar on Friday, senior consultant in orthopaedics and sports medicine at Fortis Hospital in Mohali, Dr. Manit Arora, made the announcement.


Arora spoke on the success the hospital has had in recent years treating a wide range of sports-related ailments.

He said that athletes in Kashmir will get the same “world-class care” as everywhere else in the globe for sports-related injuries.

“The Orthopaedics team at Fortis Hospital Mohali recently performed ACL Reconstruction Surgery and Lateral Extra Articular Tenodesis on a national-level sportsperson for a knee injury.”

Sharukh Ahmad Dar, a bowler for the Indian Premier League side Sunrisers Hyderabad who is 25 years old and hails from Kashmir, reportedly had ACL reconstruction surgery conducted by a team of physicians lead by Dr. Manit Arora.

Acute pain and swelling in the patient’s right knee were the results of an accident. His performance suffered, and his knee became unstable as a result of this. In May of this year, he went to see Dr. Arora at Fortis Mohali about his lingering ACL pain. After that, Dr. Arora and his team of highly trained surgeons did an ACL reconstruction on the patient,” he said.

According to Arora, the Patient also had a routine operation called Lateral Extra Articular Tenodesis, which helps lower transplant failure rates. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) may be repaired or rebuilt during ACL reconstruction surgery, as explained by Dr. Arora. The process facilitates a quicker return to competition. Sharukh, the gym-going patient, made a full recovery in only two months.



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