Helping Hands (Jammu and Kashmir) and it’s members are always ready to serve society : Chairman Aaqib Parray
Helping Hands (Jammu and Kashmir) and it’s members are always ready to serve society : Chairman Aaqib Parray

“Helping Hands (Jammu & Kashmir)” is a Srinagar-based non-profit organisation or non-government organization. The group was established in 2012 by Mr. Aaqib Maqbool Parray, although its actual operations didn’t begin until 2017. Education, monthly rations, financial support, food kits, blood donations, stationery, and other necessities are just some of the things that “Helping Hands—J&K” provides to families in need. The work of Helping Hands Jammu and Kashmir is vital to the development of compassion and community in the area. Education programmes and monthly assistance (ration food packages) are two of their key means of achieving this goal.

Mr. Aaqib Parray, Chairman of Helping Hands (Jammu and Kashmir), and his staff locate needy families and provide them with food and medication on a monthly basis. This regular assistance ensures that these families can provide for their basic necessities and keep their members healthy. Their unwavering commitment to helping others has had a significant impact on the lives of the people they’ve helped. The organisation’s selflessness and devotion give individuals a reason to believe in the future and bring them together. They serve as a poignant example of the transformative potential of kindness and generosity by giving necessities to the less fortunate and sharing in their joyous times.

Cloth distribution in Jammu

Motive for Helping Hands (Jammu & Kashmir)

Humanitarian aid is the provision of aid to those in need, particularly in the aftermath of calamities such as natural disasters, war, or famine. To reduce pain and save lives is the driving force.

Education: committed to expanding opportunities for students from underrepresented backgrounds to get a high-quality education.

Strengthen and empower communities to take care of themselves by investing in and supporting local efforts to improve living conditions.

Sources of Funds:

Generating funds from the members, who are basically students, there are almost 7 to 10 students. They are saving their money from their pockets, said the chairman of Helping Hands (Jammu and Kashmir).

Cloth distribution in Jammu

Moreover, they want to make a lasting difference that extends beyond geographic borders and improves the lives of countless people with the help of dedicated volunteers and supporters. Their unyielding commitment motivates others to join the effort, and that ultimately leads to a better, more accepting society.

If you want to join and be a donor to “Helping Hands (Jammu & Kashmir),
Please send your donation to:

Acc No.: 0361010100002499

Branch: JK Bank, Rawalpora, Srinagar

Ph: +917006060077, +917006914843




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