ISRO is preparing for the first flight test to show the crew escape mechanism for manned space missions
ISRO is preparing for the first flight test to show the crew escape mechanism for manned space missions

The Vikram Lander, which is currently at the south pole of the moon, did a hop experiment successfully. This is new information that science fans may find interesting.

ISRO said that Vikram rose about 40 cm and settled safely 30–40 cm away on Sunday.


“Vikram Lander went above and beyond its mission goals. It was put through a hop test, which went well. “It started its engines when told to, rose about 40 cm as planned, and landed safely 30–40 cm away,” ISRO wrote on X.

ISRO talked about the value of this event by saying that the “kick-start” will get people excited about future trips to bring back samples and send people to the moon.

ISRO said, “All systems worked as expected and are healthy.” They also said that the ramp and lander packages, ChaSTE and ILSA, folded back and went back into place after the hop experiment.

On August 23, India made a big step forward when the Chandrayaan-3 lander module safely landed on the moon’s South Pole. India was the first country to do this, and it made up for the fact that the Chandrayaan-2 had crashed four years earlier. Overall, India became the fourth country to safely land on the moon’s surface, after the US, China, and Russia.

After landing, the Vikram Lander and the Pragyan rover did different jobs on the surface of the moon. For example, they looked for sulphur and took measurements of the temperature. The lander and the robot were to work for one lunar day after they landed. On the Moon, a day is the same as 14 days on Earth.

ISRO announced on Saturday that the Pragyan rover has finished its tasks and is now safely stopped and in “sleep” mode.

“The battery is fully charged right now. The solar screen is set up so that it will get light when the sun rises again on September 22, 2023. Keep the radio on. Hoping to get up and do another set of tasks well! “If that doesn’t happen, it will stay there forever as India’s representative on the moon,” ISRO said.



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