Zorbing at Dal Lake generates waves of excitement and draws large numbers of people
Zorbing at Dal Lake generates waves of excitement and draws large numbers of people

Sept. 29, Srinagar: Both residents and visitors will enjoy the new and exciting addition to Dal Lake’s tranquil waters. Previously exclusively accessible in the scenic environs of Sonamarg and Pahalgam, water zorbing has now made its debut in Srinagar’s city centre.

Rolling within translucent, inflatable spheres is a thrilling pastime that people may partake in on the famous Dal Lake.

Local businessman Sheikh Yamin led the development of water zorbing at Dal Lake with the enthusiastic backing of the tourist division. This programme prioritises everyone’s safety and happiness while attempting to broaden the adventure alternatives offered at this gorgeous location.


“This is our second endeavour; first, we introduced public sharing e-bikes, and now we have brought water zorbing to Dal Lake,” said Sheikh Yamin, who has been at the forefront of promoting adventure sports in the area. It is an exciting and entertaining pastime that has already taken off with both visitors and residents. We noted a reduction in physical activity in a culture where cellphones are the norm. People now come here to partake in an activity that not only thrills them but also calms them down.

Participants in the widely practiced leisure activity known as “water zorbing” climb into large, transparent, buoyant inflatable spheres known as “zorbs.” These zorbs are precisely sealed to keep users dry while they bounce, roll, and spin on the water’s surface, offering a unique, heart-pounding sensation.

Dal Lake is more than simply a tourist destination; it’s a representation of our history and tradition, as Yamin enthusiastically said when asked about introducing this adventurous sport there. We want to provide tourists and residents alike with a fun opportunity to engage with the lake and experience its unmatched natural beauty by introducing water zorbing.

With the introduction of water zorbing at Dal Lake, safety is still of the utmost importance. To guarantee that participants may take pleasure in the experience with total peace of mind, trained people and safety equipment are in place. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the zorbing sessions are supervised by trained guides and equipped with life jackets.

Players in the tourism sector are ecstatic that water zorbing has been added to Dal Lake’s attractions. The Dal Lake will be given new life by water zorbing, according to tourism agency Javid Ahmad. It’s a win-win scenario since visitors get to experience something unique, which helps our community’s economy. Travellers would like this excursion, which is quite popular in other states.

This new addition has equally excited visitors. A visitor from Uttar Pradesh named Prakash Kumar remarked, “This is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s a distinctive fusion of calmness and energy. A fantastic getaway from the rush of city life, the clean water, the calm air, and the picturesque surroundings

Dal Lake’s appeal is further enhanced by water zorbing, which draws large groups of both residents and visitors.

Water zorbing at Dal Lake promises to be an exhilarating addition to the city’s attractions for those looking for an amazing and heart-pounding experience in the centre of Srinagar.



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