Apple Loop: Problems with the iPhone 15 Pro, Leaks of the New iPad, Pixel Beats iPhone
Apple Loop: Problems with the iPhone 15 Pro, Leaks of the New iPad, Pixel Beats iPhone

This week’s Apple Loop looks back at the biggest stories from Cupertino, including an issue with the iPhone 15 Pro, a review of the camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, rumours about the iPhone 16, the delay of new MacBooks, the release of the iPad Mini 7, the success of the Right to Repair campaign, Google’s continued dominance, and more.
You may read my weekly roundup of Android news on Forbes, and Apple Loop will remind you of some of the numerous conversations that have taken place about Apple over the last week.
This is a Problem: Why Your iPhone Gets Too Hot
A week after the release of the initial iPhone 15 models, there have been concerns about the devices overheating when charging. While this isn’t expected to affect everyone, much of Apple’s allure rests on the company’s ability to provide the “perfect” user experience. While the physical problem may be limited, the meta problem requires immediate attention. In a Medium post, [Apple analyst] Ming-Chi Kuo states, “My survey indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro series overheating issues are unrelated to TSMC’s advanced 3nm node.” Just what might it be, then? For the sake of portability, Kuo continues, “the primary cause is more likely the compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight, such as the reduced heat dissipation area and the use of a titanium frame, which negatively impacts thermal efficiency.”

Superior imaging capabilities on the iPhone 15 Pro
There has been a lot of (ahem) attention paid to the performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the new periscope lens, since the camera is one of the main battlegrounds between smartphone makers (it’s much simpler to see whether a picture is better than if an internal performance figure is slightly higher). How does it compare to what’s already out there?
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“The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the greatest iPhone we’ve tested so far, and it ranks well in our DXOMARK Camera comparison of mobile devices. In particular, it excelled in terms of exposure, producing consistently impressive still and moving-image results in a wide variety of shooting settings. The iPhone 15 Pro Max took stunning portrait photos and videos due to its ability to capture fine details and accurately reproduce skin tones.
The iPhone 16’s Rumoured Low-Power Processor
As with last year’s iPhone 14 models, this year’s base-level iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are using the A16 chipset from the prior generation. You would expect Apple to include the A17 Pro in the iPhone next year, but nonetheless, the latest rumours point to a lower-end model being released sometime in 2019:
It is widely believed that the stunningly fast processor found in the iPhone 15 Pro will make its way down to the iPhone 16 next September. However, it could not have the intended meaning. It seems more plausible that the A17 we’ll see in a year will be radically different from the A17 Pro we just met. Which isn’t always a good thing since, hey, it may be intended to save money.
Updated MacBooks Won’t Arrive Until 2024
Despite much anticipation, it is doubtful that Apple will release updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers in October. Some have speculated that the delay has less to do with.



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