An intellectual genious prodigy from Bandipora, Sharik Ahmad has written works that have been published in over 150 countries and are accessible in more than 30,000 bookstores throughout the globe
Nadia Farooq

An intellectual prodigy from Bandipora, Sharik Ahmad has written works that have been published in over 150 countries and are accessible in more than 30,000 bookstores throughout the globe.

23-year-old Sharik Ahmad mir from Bandipora is a prolific novelist and MBA student. He attended Space Age Model School Bandipora for his primary and secondary education, then went on to complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Kashmir before enrolling in the Master of Business Administration programme at Cluster University of Kashmir.


Sharik Ahmad Mir told the reporter, “I have written 4 books, both of which have been successfully published.” There are now two books available in bookstores all around the world.This is what I did because I was forced to, and because my pain and reflections motivated me to use writing to purge my mind of its burdens. ALL They are called “self-help” books because I write them.

The title of a book that has been published all over the world is “How Islam rescue the journey of Lost Soul.”

contains a wealth of useful guidance and describes a path back to Allah. “Some may see the path as bleak, but this book illuminates readers that Allah will always guide us all home, no matter where or from whence we came,” stated Sharik. With its focus on salvaging losslessness as a study topic, this book will help any reader who is struggling to find meaning in their life by answering any questions they may have on the subject.

There is just one thing I like doing in my spare time except writing and research ,and that is listing podcasts . I’ve always been a reader who loves to devour books. I try to read at least one work of non-fiction every few weeks, although I admit that nonfiction is my preferred genre. Reading is something I really like doing in my spare time.

My second book, Addiction Lies, is required reading for everyone who is serious about beating their addiction. Drugs, alcohol, coffee, and sugar are just some of the addictions that are tackled in this book, along with those to technology, stress, toxic relationships, and even the pursuit of celebrity. This book presents an integrative method of healing that incorporates both traditional and cutting-edge therapies.

Teenager Sharik in north Kashmir “believes that writing is a beautiful way to express oneself and to free one’s imagination.”

The moment I figured out how to string words together was the moment I knew I had found my calling. Since she is not great at expressing herself verbally, Sharik has found that writing in her diary is a far more effective way to convey her emotions.

I want to work to alleviate poverty by enhancing social infrastructure and decreasing graft as a member of the public service, he stated.
Knowledge is something that may carry on after a person has died, therefore I think it’s important for people to talk about what they know. Personally, I think it’s possible to teach yourself anything at any time, even if you can’t find a mentor. ‘The main difficulty is that you battle a lot of difficulties, failures, rejections, and shame before you are successful when you are self-taught,’ he said.



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