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Perspectives, gender-specific restrooms, and a coffee shop are just a few of the numerous initiatives now in the works. Chief Mechanic

15 July, Shopian: The government has suggested many amenities, on which construction is anticipated to begin shortly, to improve the experience of visitors and other passengers along the Mughal Road.

Executive Engineer Shopian-Peer Ki Gali-Dubjan Tourism Development Authority Mohammad Jahangir Hakeem told the news in an exclusive interview that many plans are in the works to ensure that visitors to Peer-Ki-Gali, Dubjan, and other points of interest along the route have a pleasant experience.


Construction of gender-segregated restrooms and a mobile bio-toilet will begin in Dubjan in the coming days, he added, in response to the growing demand for such amenities at rest stops along the route.

“In the near future, similar services will be maintained in other locations. Peer-Ki-Gali now has flushing toilets,” he said.

Hakeem has said that for the price of Rs 20 lakh, two observation decks would be built so that tourists may take in the sights of Dubjan and Peer-Ki-Gali. “There is a famous spring in Dubjan where people have been visiting for baths to get relief from pains, and this spring is being rejuvenated at a cost of Rs 10 lakhs,” he added.

‘Work on a coffee shop near Dubjan bridge will also begin shortly, so that visitors may enjoy coffee beside the majesty of nature and the pleasant sounds of fast-running water of Ranbiara,’ he said.

The Executive Engineer said, “There are two Mughal Sarai on the road but people are unable to travel there owing to steep slopes, but the department has recommended all-weather roads for both of them, which would be developed at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore and Rs 3 crore respectively. Costing Rs 12 lakh, new parking spaces are being added along the route, and another Rs 20 lakh has been approved for improvements to the Bohrihalan TRC.

He added that more steps are being taken and many things are in the pipeline to make the Peer-Ki-Gali, Dubjan, and other areas along the road as better tourist spots, and that Rs 8 lakh has been sanctioned for the extension and beautification of the water channel at Bohrihalan.

Hakeem predicted that this would lead to an increase in both local employment and tax income for the government.



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