Government lead by PM Modi has been successful in its fight against drugs and terrorism
Government lead by PM Modi has been successful in its fight against drugs and terrorism

24 September, New Delhi, India (ANI): On Sunday, at the “International Lawyers Conference 2023” in Delhi, Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah spoke to legal experts and said that the criminal justice system in India was still shaped by colonial rules.

According to Shah, the three new laws are not colonial in style but rather have an Indian spirit. According to him, the purpose of these three laws is to safeguard both the people’ and their own constitutional and human rights.


After almost 160 years, three new statutes with an entirely new methodology and framework are entering the criminal judicial system. The administration has also implemented three other efforts in addition to the new one to foster a legal environment.

The ancient laws’ primary goals were to increase British dominance and to punish people rather than to uphold the law. These three new laws are intended to give justice, not punishment. Here’s a first step towards executing criminal justice, said Shah.

According to Shah, there have been several adjustments made to the new legislation to advance technology. The concept of a document has been substantially enlarged, electronic and digital records now have legal status, communications sent through digital devices are now recognised, and summonses are now accepted via all electronic channels, including SMS and email.

Shah emphasised that no legislation is final and that adjustments must be made for improved law enforcement as he continued to discuss revisions being made to some of the laws.

“The adjustments being made, whether to the GST or the Insolvency Act, are due to mistakes made after its introduction. Any government or law-making body must acknowledge that a legislation is not yet in its final form. The purpose of drafting a law is to produce a seamless system, not to maintain the dominance of the legislators, thus adjustments should be made in response to problems that arise over time following its implementation, according to Shah.

“The purpose of making laws is to create a smooth system, not to establish the supremacy of the lawmakers,” the Union Home Minister said. As a result, these laws are becoming increasingly important as a result of the developments.

The Union Home Minister presented the Vidhi Ratn Award to five legal luminaries at the event hosted by the Bar Council of India, including late attorney general Soli Sorabjee, senior solicitors K Parasaran, KK Venupal, Fali Nariman, and Ram Jethmalani. Also present were justices from the Supreme Court Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Sanjev Khanna, and PS Narsimha.

In collaboration with the Law Society of England and Wales and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, the Bar Council of India organised the International Lawyers Conference 2023.

It was a major gathering that attempted to open the door for reflective discussion and helpful debate on many topics involving the bar, bench and legal professions. (ANI)



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